I am accepting webdesign orders again! I’m creating high quality webdesigns (WordPress & Coppermine) and graphic elements for fanpages. If you are interested, on this ordering page you can find every information that you need to know about my services.

If you want to get designs from me to your website, all you have to do is to read the rules and fill in the order form next. Please, be sure that the ordering is available at the moment:

Order status/Rendelés státusza ——-»

Send your order to this email/Erre az email címre küldjed a rendelésed


Please, fill in this form in the email/ Kérlek, az emailben a következő űrlapot küldd el kitöltve

  • Name:
  • Website URL:
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  • Package (the number please):
  • HQ Images (High Quality Photoshoots (link to a Coppermine album or attached images)):
  • Welcome Message (optional):
  • Navigation, menus:
  • Ad code (ad code and it’s size):
  • Sidebars (If you want me to make your sidebars, then send their titles and content):
  • Related Gallery Images to the header (Yes/No):
  • Social networks (if you’ve got facebook, twitter, etc, please send links):
  • Other details (colors, other desires):
  • Do you want me to install your design? (Yes/No):
  • Have you read and do you accept the rules? (Yes/No):