Slots and Athens Megaways

Athens, Greece, is a city whose legacy reverberates through the centuries. Athens is one of the few cities where ideas, actions, and drama all came together in one crazily brilliant stew. Its heyday may have passed, but this is still a fantastic metropolis rich in history, art, and architecture. Or, with the help of games like Red Tiger’s Athens Megaways, players may use their imagination to think they’ve traveled back in time to meet Pericles, participate in the first ever election, or see a tragedy at the Theatre of Dionysus. Keen? Let’s check it out.

Red Tiger has gone all out with the digital paint brushes for Athens Megaways, recreating a picturesque Ancient Greek setting. The crew has portrayed a regal port city on a hill, complete with picturesque columned buildings, an aqueduct, sailing ships, and mountains. It’s not hard to see a himation aimlessly pacing the stairs while strumming a lyre and pondering existence. It seems like the kind of location where one may relax while yet making useful progress. But compared to depictions of ancient Athens, it doesn’t appear anything like the real thing. Instead, it has a feel reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. All right, artistic license and all that, and it is a nice setting to kick off a tour of an old civilization.

Athens Megaways may be played on any platform, from tablets and mobile phones to desktop computers, and the trip begins with selecting a stake, with possibilities ranging from 10 p/c to £/€100 each spin. A mathematical model that operates with moderate to high volatility and yields a maximum return to player value of 95.68 percent is what keeps the wheels turning. At the outset, players are presented with a 6-reel game grid whereby 64–117,649 ways to win are possible (depending on the number of symbols on each reel).

Once a winning combination is formed, the associated symbols are eliminated by the cascade mechanism and new symbols fall into the empty spaces to complete the payline. This pattern of cascades will persist until no further successes occur. Wins occur when identical symbols appear on neighboring reels, beginning with the first reel. The poor wages are represented by the Greek letters (Delta), (Theta), (Sigma), (Psi), and (Omega), whereas the high wages are lyres, pots, drinking devices, shields, and plumed helmets, respectively. It’s all very Greek to me, and a six-of-a-kind victory pays out between 0.4 and 0.8 times the wager for moderate stakes and between 1 and 3 times the bet for big stakes. The next section will describe the many manifestations of wilds in Athens Megaways. Their primary function is to stand in for other paying symbols to help you win more frequently.

Slot Machine Athens Megaways Features

Some of the characteristics of the Athens Megaways nod to mythology in addition to history. While all three modifiers make random appearances throughout the main game, during the free spins, only one of them has any significant effect.

From time to time, souls will emerge from Hades and land as wild symbols on any of the middle four reels in the game’s “Soul Pit” feature. This can produce 2–9 more wild symbols.

Sea Fury: On any spin, Poseidon may turn the whole middle reel of any of the middle four reels into a Super Wild. In a single spin, you may get up to three Super Wilds, each of which would award a multiplier between x2 and x7.

Olympus Blessing: At any time during a spin, Zeus may bestow a multiplier on all winnings for that spin. The multiplier begins at x2-x5, and it grows by +1 with each successive cascade. When the spin stops, the multiplier is reset to x20.

Bonus Turns

Obtaining 3 Bonus Turns 8 free spins are awarded for any visible scatter symbols. To initiate the bonus round, players must select one of three temples that look exactly alike. Soul Pit, Sea Fury, and Olympus Fury are all exposed. In free spins, just the disclosed feature will emerge, but it will do so more often than usual. Free spins always begin with a win multiplier of x1, which can rise by +1 with each win, up to a maximum of x20, regardless of the bonus that was revealed. Between rounds of free spins, the multiplier does not reset. Any multipliers generated by the Olympus Fury feature are added to the win multiplier, with a cap of x20 in place. Finally, additional free spins are awarded for each scatter that appears throughout the bonus round.

Slot Machine Result for Athens Megaways

Here’s a remark from one of Athens’ most well-known natives, Socrates: “In every person, there is a sun.” Simply said, “Let them shine.” Even if he uttered it in a philosophical context over 2000 years ago, the lyric may fit perfectly in an encouraging current pop song. Anyway, let’s go on to Athens Megaways, which is not without its share of positive moments. It’s a well-designed Ancient Greek urban-themed slot machine, despite the fact that the depiction of Athens in the background may not pass for the real thing when compared to images or recreations. It still conjures the feel of the past and blends well with the features Red Tiger has sanctified.

If you take away all the fancy graphics and sound effects, you’ll find that parts of the gameplay elements are familiar from other Red Tiger Megaways games, such as Piggy Riches Megaways or the regional exclusive Kulta Jaska. However, this particular pairing does work rather well, and the added flair provided by Red Tiger’s VFX serves to heighten the tension. While some may bemoan Red Tiger’s practice of capping the progressive win multiplier, the fact that Athens Megaways can still pay out up to 19,992.7x the wager shows that this strategy has had little impact on the game’s potential payouts.

When it comes to Ancient Greek-themed slots, Athens Megaways is one of the better ones, but it won’t keep you on the edge of your seat. Perhaps 300 Shields Mighty Ways, a more modern option with a different kind of bite, is more to your liking. In contrast to its namesake, Athens Megaways isn’t very revolutionary or likely to serve as the backbone of any civilization. Despite reusing certain components, this Megaways game has a well-organized layout, and it has a Hellenic feel full of gods and gaming aspects.